Yelp Reviews

“This place is awesome! I don’t have to follow my almost 3 year old around; I can sit and drink some coffee and visit with other adults (what?). And the planetarium shows are a great and unique activity. Definitely coming back!”
– Bree

“Family fun for all ages! I have 1.5, 5 & 10 year old. Each enjoyed themselves. We also went with extended family members teenagers and grandparents. They had lots of different games and had fun playing them! My kids had a great time (so did the adults). The coffee was very good! Two thumbs up from our family!”
– Kt S.

“I am very impressed on how clean and fun this place is. The bathrooms are clean. Not too crowded and staff are great! They have space for you to eat and you can bring your own food and drinks. They have face painting (separate payment) they have coffee and snacks station too also a separate place for your Crawlers. I highly recommend it!”
– Mary Ann N.